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Hot Air Balloon Tour




“Adventure of your life” this will be one of the most satisfying things you have done in your life.
This is a balloon ride but it also is not just a balloon ride thanks to our beautiful UNESCO World Heritage approved view and fairy chimneys used by ancient people of Cappadocia.

You will get more than you are imagining right now and you will even get more when you meet our professional licansed crew.

You will be  your name to show your family and friends.



Before the flight, our experienced drivers will pick you up from your hotels in our luxury cars and then take you to the balloon flight area. Our professional team in the balloon flight area will give you information about the flight before the flight, and you will get on the balloon.

Our balloon baskets are between 18-28 people. For 1 hour, you will see the magnificent view of Cappadocia from the top and also You will also watch the sunrise.

After this magnificent flight, the balloon will descend and a champagne party will be arranged for you and you will be given a flight certificate, and then our drivers will take you back to your hotels.

Do we have to fly so early?

The best weather conditions are usually at this time. Usually the wind is not very strong at early mornings and there are no thermals. Plus it’s a wonderful view to watch the sunrise from a hot air balloon!


What do you have to wear?

The weather can be a little chilly at early morning and quite cold in winter time. But as the sun goes up it will get warmer. So it’s best to wear in layers. Warm and long trousers, t-shirt and long sleeve pullover or sweatshirts, and suitable footwear for an outdoor will be best options to wear. In winter or early spring times it’s best to bring a coat with you.

When does a flight will be cancelled?

Basically the important point here is the velocity of the wind. Again if the rain is very heavy or there is fog the flight may be cancelled. To be able to take off safely the wind has to be less than 10 knots. If you have couple of days in the region you can try to fly the next mornings. But if you don’t have time or don’t want to try again, you will receive a full refund if we have to cancel your flight.


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